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Compassionate Communication builds self-esteem and the feeling of recognition by feeling heard and listened to.

Compassionate Communication lets the pupils develop and understand their roles in different relationships. It opens pupils up to being self-aware of their role in the classroom.

The outcome is a more balanced and nurtured pupil who is more receptive to learning and being a part of the school community.

  • The SSE framework sees well-being as intrinsic to the holistic view of learning.
    • Participants are enabled to nurture relationships with their students and colleagues with easy-to-implement exercises in Compassionate Communication.

  • Participants have the tools to incorporate a Compassionate Communication programme into their school. Making this a whole-school effort. Pupils will be empowered and encouraged to use Compassionate Communication as a tool for learning coping skills.

  • Participants apply these new skills to themselves during the course and can implement them into daily life before returning to the classroom.
    • Compassionate Communication strengthens relationships with parents, colleagues and the wider school community.

  • Participants have a method for building upon Compassionate Communication in their classroom and on a whole school well-being policy initiative.

  • It equips the participant to understand the Continuum of Support model of well-being

  • Compassionate Communication promotes the Four Key Areas of well-being laid out in the Well-being Policy Statement and Framework of Practice.

SSE Framework - Six Step Process

At the end of this course, participants will have a model to help build their Wellbeing Policy Document. The Six Steps will be broken up and examined. Then participants can put their learning towards their own model in the Case Study exercises.

Course Format

  • Five Modules
  • Four Hours per Module
  • Approximately 11 hours online learning
  • Approximately 9 hours offline learning
  • Participants are asked to join in the discussion by posting comments under the modules.
  • Participants submit a Learning Record upon completion.
  • The Learning Record will give you a structure to apply with your students in the next academic year.

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Course Curriculum

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