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Working Together:

Building Relationships with Compassionate Communication

Running July 1st - July 15th 2021

Course Aims:

  • The SSE framework sees well-being as intrinsic to the holistic view of learning. Participants are enabled to nurture relationships with their students and colleagues with easy-to-implement exercises in Compassionate Communication.

  • Participants have the tools to incorporate a Compassionate Communication programme into their school. Making this a whole-school effort. Pupils will be empowered and encouraged to use Compassionate Communication as a tool for learning coping skills.

  • Participants apply these new skills to themselves during the course and can implement them into daily life before returning to the classroom.  

  • Participants have a method for building upon Compassionate Communication in their classroom and on a whole school well-being policy initiative.

  • This course equips the participant to understand the Continuum of Support model of well-being

  • Compassionate Communication promotes the Four Key Areas of well-being laid out in the Well-being Policy Statement and Framework of Practice 2016 - 2020

This course addresses the national priority of SSE under the Well-being Framework for Practice and Well-being Resources. 


When the school selects well-being as their topic for SSE, Compassionate Communication can be rolled out throughout the school and with the community.  Compassionate Communication can involve parents and school ancillary staff