ODODO is for parents and guardians of children with special needs.

ODODO trains you to advocate, develop self-care and get the best for your family.

Our e-courses guide you on:
  • Where to start when first diagnosed
  • Becoming the best advocate for your child
  • How to work with schools
  • Self-care
  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • Dealing with service providers
  • And much more


Catherine is a Primary and Special Education Teacher.

She is also a qualified Yoga Teacher, Meditation facilitator, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) facilitator-student and life-coach.

She has worked with children as both an educational teacher and yoga teacher. She has a passion for children to grow and learn in a manner that reflects their uniqueness.

Catherine has worked in a variety of educational settings gaining varied experience of how educational systems differ and work best. She believes that positive experiences and open communication are crucial to developing relationships.

Drawing from all of the above and more, ODODO was established.


There is a distinct lack of support for parents, guardians and families of children with special needs.

Research shows that parents who become carers at a young age can suffer exhaustion and their mental health can be affected. Navigating this new world can be tricky.

These courses are designed to help you assert yourself, take care of yourself and make the critical conversations around special needs easier to have.

More information on other products and services is available at www.ododo.ie